Pension U Háje


In the year 1999 near the town Litomyšl we renewed the tradition and opened Agropension at Nedošín grove. This house was built as a romantic restaurant with a large dance hall. It is a place, where people used to come to relax and gain energy. For example Alois Jirásek – czech famous author came here for inspiration.. Today you can also use this place for all kinds of sports activities .. or just let yourself dream and breathe in and listen to the birds, because Nedošín grove is also bird sanctuary.


Nedošín Grove a forest between villages Nedošín and Tržek. Originally game reserve was remodelled in early 19th century into a romantic park with various pavilions and temples. Today you can see  there stone Chappel of St.Anthony above the spring.

Nedošín grove became since half of 19th century very popular tourist destination for Litomyšl society, especially students of philosophy. Students were celebrating there till the year 1856 holiday of spring and youth called „Majales“

In the year 1949 the Nedošín grove was declared a nature reserve and in the year 1992 natural monument.